Osho Zen Tarot

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Osho Zen Tarot The Transcendental Game of Zen - X Anniversary Special Edition - Reduced Price

X anniversary special edition at a reduced price The existence of the tarot dates back thousands of years, from Ancient Egypt or, perhaps, even earlier. However, its first known use dates back to the Middle Ages: in those turbulent times, its images were used as codes to convey the teachings of the Medieval Mystery Schools. Over time, the tarot has been used in many ways: as a tool to predict the future, as a fun parlor game, with a way to search for "hidden" information about different situations, etc. Some say that the number of letters is used in the number of steps taken by little Siddhartha who would later become Gautama the Buddha at the time of his birth. Legend has it that they were seven steps forward and another seven steps back, each time following the direction of each of the four cardinal directions; and this became the model for the tarot "minor cards". In addition to these 56 cards of the so-called Minor Arcana, the tarot has an additional 22 (the Major Arcana) that provide a complete description of the spiritual journey of the human being. From the ...

ISBN: 9788484451761

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