Druse of white quartz

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Druse of white quartz with points

This crystal is soft but deeply protective and harmonizing energy for our health, so much so that it is capable of purifying all the energies of our body and eliminates the negative energies of which we are not aware of its presence.
White quartz is indicated for performing cleansing-related meditations, these meditations together with the crystal allow for spiritual cleansing of the body, soul and mind. They are able to work with the body chakras, especially by opening the head, throat and spleen chakras.
The power of white quartz allows us to get rid of the accumulated charges during the day considerably, helping us to feel lighter and serene, thanks to the power of this crystal we can be able to balance our energies.
It can be said that white quartz is a crystal that serves to balance the energies of its bearer. It is able to get rid of those negative energies that its carrier may have

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