Holy Wood,sacred stick, first quality

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Holy Wood,sacred stick, first qualityPieces of top quality natural Palo Santo, with a pleasant aroma, evocative wood has been used for centuries for spiritual, religious and medicinal functions. The wood of Palo Santo was traditionally used as incense in ceremonies and rituals, in fact its use was very common because it incited good luck. Whoever used it, would open to receive its benefits, filling their "here-now" with magic and creativity. In fact, one of the most prominent uses of the Palo Santo is as a talisman or amulet / protector.
Palo Santo is characterized by the varied utilities of its material. One of its main uses is as incense to ward off negative energies.
The Palo Santo serves to set your home with clean energy, promote the attraction of positive thoughts, facilitate relaxation and deepen the connection with your partner.

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