Pendant Chalcedony

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Sterling silver pendant with chalcedony

Beautiful pendant in sterling silver in which you can see the different streaks of blue that make this piece unique and unrepeatable


The blue chalcedony or blue ribbon agate is an agate. The chalcedony is of volcanic origin and owes its color due to the multiple inclusions that have been deposited during its growth. Once the blue chalcedony is polished, we can appreciate a whole series of blue and white veins, which is the origin of its name.

 It is the stone of generosity. It harmonizes body and mind. It is the stone of maternal love, serenity and creativity, it enhances the ability to listen and understand, it encourages joy through contact with other people, and chalcedony is a mineral that transmits optimism.

Measure 30x45mm (wit ring 30x55mm)



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